Ferret Friends


Here are links to our on and off stage friends involved with motorsport and beyond...

Calder Rescue provide motorsport rescues at events around the UK from rallies to powerboats. They are dedicated to their cause and, like ourselves, enjoy what they do massively!

A group of like minded rally fans and marshals based in Yorkshire! Team PG was formed in 2007 by a number of individuals who attend and marshal on motor rallies but are not affiliated to any formal motorsport club.

The 6R4 Experience is a new venture which hopes to be able to offer fans and enthusiasts of Group B rallying the chance to experience the thrill of Britain's own supercar, the legendary MG Metro 6R4

Matthew Rudd is one of the club's members who is also a photographer for motorsport events and gigs around the UK. Check out his gallery of shots and ask him if he'll get a Ferrets gallery on the site sometime soon...

Team Duck MC are a group of rally and race marshals, resue and recovery crews who enjoy motorsport. They have a yellow duck as their symbol as it is non-offensive, highly visible and looks great on a car aerial or front grille when competing.

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is recognised as the sole motor sport governing body for the United Kingdom by the world governing body, the Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA).

Formed in 1957, the Association of North-Western Car Clubs is one of 15 Motor Sport Associations set up across the UK, answerable to the governing body, the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association (MSA UK) to administer and encourage motor sport in the area.

The Association of North East Midland Motor Clubs is responsible for liaising between local clubs and the MSA, also providing a very useful training function that any member club can apply for. MSA graded trainers will guide you through the courses which will be useful for those of us our and about in motorsport